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Which Washer is Right for You: Top Loading or Front Loading?

Top Loading Washing MachineMaking your home more environmentally friendly is a great way to benefit the planet, future generations, and yourself. Many eco-friendly products will save you money on your monthly utility bills. That means you can feel good about purchasing appliances and products that are easy on the earth and good for your pocket book. While you may not see the direct effects your good choices are having on the environment, you will be able to see the impact they have on your savings every four weeks.
If you are looking for a new washing machine and want a model that can save resources and cash, it can be confusing to read through consumer reviews and brand promises. Luckily, our experts have years of experience to help you pick the Maytag washer that is right for your budget and lifestyle. Whether you want a front loading or top loading machine, or a model for a specific space in your home, we can help you find a washing machine that is both eco-friendly and suited to your needs.

Top Loading or Front Loading: Choosing Your Perfect Washing Machine

Priorities and preferences often lead the decision-making process when purchasing big appliances like washing machines. Here are some tips to decide whether a top loading or front loading machine is the right Maytag washer for you.

Pros and Cons of Top Loading Machines:

  • Price: If you have a strict budget, top loading machines are usually more affordable. Even high-efficiency (HE) models can be less expensive since they may have fewer settings and options. They wash clothing the fastest but the results may not be as thorough as other models. They also don’t require a pedestal, which can cost anywhere from 200-500 dollars.
  • Easy to Operate: The options are straightforward and it won’t take you long to learn the ins and outs of your new washing machine. Plus, some models allow you to add more laundry once the cycle has started, which can be helpful if an extra pair of dirty socks turns up!
  • Limited Capacity: If you find yourself doing multiple loads every few days, high-efficiency top loading machines usually have a smaller capacity, which may limit how much laundry you can power through. Keep in mind that some large comforters may not fit in the tub. Note that most top loading HE models no longer have the agitator, offering more room for bulkier items.
  • Less Powerful and Less Control: You won’t have the same number of options, and thus will have less control over adjusting your wash cycle to suit the load of laundry. The cleaning performance is also less powerful and may be noticeable for very dirty laundry or for full loads.
  • Save Your Back: If you suffer from chronic back pain or injury, a top loading washing machine can save you from bending and crouching when you do laundry. It may seem like a small consideration but, for anyone with back pain, time spent completing this routine task can add up.
  • Not so Gentle: Top loading machines tend to be harsher on your clothing because of the agitator. While some HE models have eliminated this feature, ones that do have it can cause damage to delicate garments over time. If you invest significantly in your clothing or wear a lot of delicate fabrics, you may want to opt out of a top loading machine.
  • Shorter Cycles but Longer Drying: The wash cycle will be shorter, saving you time, but the limited water extraction means that your clothes will take longer to dry.

Pros and Cons of Front Loading Machines:

Top Loading Washer

  • Price: Front loading washing machines typically come with a larger price tag than top loading machines. While the long-term cost of ownership tends to be higher on top loading machines, you will pay more upfront for a front loading model.
  • Cleaning Power: Time and time again, front loading machines offer the best cleaning power and results when tested against other machines. If you value a deep-clean, these machines are right for you.
  • Efficiency: With so many high efficiency models on the market, front loading machines are the more eco-friendly and sustainable choice. They generally use less energy to run and require less water to thoroughly clean your dirty laundry. The high speed spinning will also cut down on your drying time, since it extracts more moisture from the materials. The larger capacity allows you to accommodate large loads and bulky items, without ever sacrificing cleaning performance.
  • Luxury Features: If you want maximum cleaning and often have to deal with tough stains on clothing, front loading Maytag washers provide a host of specialized features to get your whites, delicates, and colours looking their best. Deep stains don’t stand a chance against steam settings and special wash cycles. On the flipside, some of these advanced features can result in a longer wash cycle.
  • Gentler on Clothing: Keep your clothing in good shape, regardless of its colour or composition. Front loading machines tend to be gentler on your fabrics, although high efficiency top loading models are starting to even out the playing field by removing agitators that can snag or deform garments during the wash cycle.
  • Save Space: If you need a Maytag washer that will fit in a small space, front loading models tend to have a smaller footprint than other machines. They can be stacked and fit in small spaces, taking up less room in your home.
  • Quiet Results: If you value peace and quiet in your home, front loading machines tend to run at a lower noise level compared to top loading machines.

In summary, if you have a lot of dirty laundry each week and want to save space, a front loading machine may be the best option for you. If you are more concerned about cost and don’t care much for advanced settings, the top loading washer may suit your needs.
If you want more information and assistance picking your new washing machine, the team at the Newmarket Maytag store can help. We also carry Amana appliances, Whirlpool appliances, and a range of top and front loading machines to suit your home budget and laundry needs.

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